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Tag: Home Renovation

Posted on 03/28/2024
How To Insulate Existing Home Walls Without Demolishing Them
One primary reason everyday people bear with drafty homes stems from construction costs. Old houses and those with failing exterior wall insulation seem to require costly demolition. The idea that drywall or select wood wall materials require removal and replacement often causes property owners to take a deep breath and think about something else. The good news is...
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Posted on 02/19/2024
Hiring a home remodel contractor
While designing a house from scratch usually requires professional help, it's not always clear if you need a remodel contractor. If you have a remodeling project you plan to handle on your own, is it necessary to hire somebody to help? Here are some of the key points to consider when it comes to remodeling contractors: What's the...
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Posted on 08/31/2023
You can! 4 easy weekend projects for a big impact
If you don't have time for a major home upgrade, consider tackling some smaller weekend projects to refresh your space. There are plenty of upgrades and renovations you can accomplish in a small amount of time while still making a huge impact. To help you get some ideas for DIY weekend projects, here are some options to start...
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Posted on 08/13/2021
Bathroom Design Tips: Choosing a Theme
Renovating a bathroom is a major project. Before you can design and decorate your updated space, you will need to think of a theme. It's important to decide on a theme for your bathroom in advance as this will help you carry out the theme throughout the entire design. These are a few tips that can help you...
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