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Posted on 05/20/2024
6 Plants for your front porch containers
To dress up your front porch, all you need are two tall...
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Posted on 04/02/2024
Increase Curb (and Indoor) Appeal With These Springtime Flowers
Make the most of plants that bloom in the spring. Use these 5 best flowers to boost your curb appeal (or your indoor space): Pansies Pansies are always an excellent choice for landscaping and growing in pots because of how hardy they are. Available in an entire rainbow of colors, pansies will last well into the hottest parts...
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Posted on 06/15/2023
5 Beautiful Hanging Plants for Your Porch
Image by Foto_und_Pinsel from Pixabay If you have a small porch but still want to decorate with plants, hanging baskets are your answer. They are easy to set up, easy to care for and are a great way to add color without taking up precious square footage. Here we will go over the 5 best plants for hanging...
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Posted on 05/01/2023
Great Annuals for Beginner Gardeners
When it comes to flowering plants, gardeners have the choice of annuals or perennials. Annual plants have a single-year life cycle and must be replanted again if you want them to return. Perennials, however, will grow again year after year - sometimes decades in the right conditions. While perennials might seem like the go-to for low maintenance flowers,...
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