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Tag: Credit Score

Posted on 11/13/2023
Give Your Credit Score a Boost
If you’re hoping to buy a home in the near future there are several financial prerequisites that you should aim to meet. Ideally, you’ll want a sizable down payment, a verifiable income history, and a good credit score. It takes time to build credit. For most people, it can be several months or even years before they see a...
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Posted on 03/13/2023
How Your Credit Score Affects Your Interest Rate
One of the most important things to check once you decide to start the home buying process is your credit score. The three major credit bureaus keep track of how you pay for your credit and how much credit you have. Your score fluctuates, sometimes daily, depending on how much you owe and how many accounts you have....
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Posted on 05/31/2019
Simple Things That Ruin Your Credit Score
Your credit score is one of the most important numbers to your financial picture. You know how important it is to have a high credit score. If you pay your bills on time and keep your debt down, you think that your score will be just fine, but this isn’t always the case. There are a few hidden mistakes...
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